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Sculpture of Jesus the Homeless rejected by two prominent …

Despite message of the sculpture — Jesus identifying with the poorest among us — it was rejected by two prominent Catholic churches, St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

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Christology – Jesus in the visual arts: Given the dominating place the figure of Jesus has had in Western art, it is perhaps surprising that the pictorial portrayal of Jesus was a matter of considerable debate within the Christian church during its early centuries.

Sculpture of Jesus the Homeless rejected by two prominent …

Jesus has been depicted in art as triumphant, gentle or suffering. Now, in a controversial new sculpture in downtown Toronto, he is shown as homeless — an outcast sleeping on a bench.

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Some of his most reputed pieces are installed in historical churches in Rome and at … “Homeless Jesus Sculpture Sparks Controversy” CBC … About The Artist.

'Christianity Is Not an Ornament,' Says Creator of …

Chicago is the most recent city to give the controversial "Jesus the homeless" sculpture a permanent residence. Even though some Christians feel that the image of Jesus as a homeless person is offensive, the artist believes it's a clear representation of the Gospel message.

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— Our Lady of Fatima’s message … to the modern world’s voices of … Jesus Statue; Virgin Mary Statue … our lady of fatima apparition video german modern …

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The contemporary plan is plain for all to see–create a worship service … "The Contemporary Church" … What Would Jesus Say to Madonna?

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Question: "What was Jesus’ message to the church in Laodicea in Revelation?" Answer: The seventh and final letter to the churches of ancient Asia Minor is to the church in the city of Laodicea.

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Kramarik’s wonderful Christian modern art depicts life, people and landscapes. Rhema Expressions– Check out this very nice Christian run online art gallery that designs images and paintings based on the word of God.

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The crucifixion of Jesus … so as to draw attention to the positive message … large painted or sculpted crucifixes hung high in front of the chancel of churches, …